Unveiling the Masterpieces: A Glimpse into Some of the Top Artists of R-Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Boulder, R GALLERY + WINE BAR is not your typical art gallery. It's where artistic genius seamlessly meets a relaxed, inviting atmosphere, wine glass in hand. 

This unique space offers more than just a chance to appreciate fine art; it provides an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Join us as we explore the brilliance of R-Gallery's top artists.

Meet Some of The Top Artists of R-Gallery

From innovative techniques to breathtaking artistry, these creators push the boundaries of imagination. 

Let's embark on a journey to discover the magic within this extraordinary gallery's walls. 

Let’s meet some of the top artists of R-Gallery that you should not miss.

Anne Gifford

Spirits of the Ancestors

Anne is an award-winning watercolor artist, layering colors to craft vibrant, detailed paintings. 

Colorado’s natural beauty fuels her inspiration, which she explores during countless walks and hikes. 

Her subjects range from light, shadows, rocks, and wildlife to imaginative, whimsical scenes. Her works are realistic yet impressionistic, capturing the light, colors, and moods of different seasons and times of day. 

Anne Gifford's Collection

Ashton Lacy Jones

In The Pink

Ashton thrives on the process of artistic exploration. She's less concerned with art theory and more intrigued by the physical act of creation. 

Whether silkscreen and encaustic prints or intricate assemblages using scrap metal, Ashton's art is a call-and-response with the medium. 

Her work, born from the vibrancy of Miami, captures unexpected color combinations and sparks of inspiration, making every creation a moment of divine intervention.

Ashton Lacy Jones's Collection

Brooke Connor

Honey Bee on Black

Brooke, an illustrator from Boulder, Colorado, wields alcohol markers to craft vibrant images of wildlife, whether native to the Rockies or from distant lands. 

Her distinct style and personal connection with subjects shine through her work. Recently, she's ventured into the realm of digital art, expanding her creative horizons. 

Starting with realistic line drawings on Bristol Board, she meticulously builds layers of ink, using the interaction of hues for texture. 

Inspired by fabric arts, patterns add depth to her creations, inviting viewers to connect with the subjects through gaze and attitude. 

Brooke Connor's Collection

Lindsey Malone

Courage Under Fire Print

Lindsey, a Colorado-based painter, discovered her artistic passion at age 5, adorning her bedroom walls with murals. 

Encouraged by her parents and teachers, she honed her skills, leading to AP Art Studies. 

She pursued an Art Education degree at Colorado State University while excelling in track and field, even coaching at the university level. 

Lindsey's art journey continued alongside her athletic career, culminating in her decision to share her creations with the world in 2016. Her art reflects her inner beauty and brings joy to her and her audience.

Lindsey Malone's Collection

Meghann & Keven Haase


This award-winning couple creates captivating three-dimensional, mixed-media artworks using reclaimed materials in unexpected ways.

They infuse various materials with vitality and inspiration. Together, they embrace transcendentalism, offering art that hints at the world's beauty, inviting viewers to explore unique imperfections. 

Their art is a harmonious blend of the colorful and structural, inspired by the question, "What if we...?" 

Meghann & Kevin Haase's Collection

Rob Lantz

Riddle of the Night

Rob’s art isn't merely about realism; it's a tribute to the feelings nature awakens. 

Raised amidst Texas' diverse landscapes, from hill country to lakes, he forged his love for adventure. The turquoise Caribbean waters later fueled his explorations, where snorkeling and SCUBA diving became artful pursuits, his camera never far behind.

Now based in Boulder, Colorado, he draws inspiration from the majestic Rocky Mountains along the Continental Divide, creating art that narrates the stories of extraordinary places.

Rob Lantz's Collection

Topher Straus

Grand Tetons National Park

Topher brings an unconventional, stylized approach to depicting natural and urban landscapes. 

His art, sublimated onto large-scale metal sheets, instantly captivates viewers with its power and surprise. Merging technology with an artist's eye, he highlights the essence of each subject, allowing digital creations to pop off the metal. 

Topher’s work, recognized by the US National Park Service, graces galleries, institutions, museums, and private collections globally. 

As a passionate advocate for art and philanthropy, he continues to make a positive impact through his TOPHER GIVES initiative. 

Topher Straus's Collection

Where to Enjoy These Exquisite Pieces

To see these amazing works in person, visit R GALLERY + WINE BAR at 2027 Broadway in Boulder. 

The gallery isn't just about showcasing exceptional art; it's about providing an environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

With a glass of fine wine (or craft beer) in hand, you can leisurely stroll through the gallery, allowing the art to speak to you in its own unique way.

Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or someone new to the art world, R-Gallery + Wine Bar welcomes you to explore the boundless creativity. 

It's a place where you can unwind, savor exceptional art, and be part of a community that celebrates the beauty of imagination.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Visit R GALLERY + WINE BAR today and experience the magic of art and wine for yourself. You will not regret it.