Lindsey Malone

Lindsey Malone is a painter based in Colorado. She is a lifelong artist, beginning her art career as early as age five with her first mural, a marker drawing on her bedroom walls. Her parents saw her talent and enrolled her in the Bemis School of Art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and then Cheyenne Mountain Junior High and High School where she continued to hone her skills. Her teachers encouraged her to take AP Art Studies and to pursue independent studies in Art, which granted her access to the art studios throughout the day. She developed a love of bright colors and began to cultivate her signature style during this time. 

Linsey went on to pursue a degree in Art Education from Colorado State University, where she also earned a scholarship to run track and field. Lindsey graduated with her Bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Education and Painting, while simultaneously earning her teaching license for students aged kindergarten through twelfth grade. Lindsey later joined the coaching staff at Colorado State University, where she coached both men’s and women’s track and field. In 2007, Lindsey joined the athletic team at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she continues to coach track and field today. Lindsey not only coached, but also competed professionally with the USA Track and Field, Bobsled and Skeleton, and Shooting organizations from 2001 to 2016. 

During her time as an athlete, Lindsay never lost sight of her artistic endeavors. She created a large and impressive portfolio, and in 2014, after producing nearly 20 large scale pieces in under a year, her family encouraged her to begin sharing her art with the world. In December of 2016, Lindsey posted her first image after a long discussion with her father. In her words, “I had always painted because there was something beautiful inside me that I wanted – needed – to put on a canvas. It brings me such joy to see the final product. I feel like I’m painting from my soul. It is such an extreme honor to get to share that joy with others.”

An avid adventurer and lover of all things art, Lindsey can often be found traveling the globe to study the greatest historical works, or as a patron at the nearest performing arts center. Lindsey began selling her work with the Buffalo Belles, an organization through the University of Colorado Boulder, in 2017. She has since sold pieces to collectors across the country. 

19 items

The Herd


11 x 14" / Matted Fine Art Print

BOLDER Buffalo


11 x 14" / Matted Fine Art Print



11 x 14" / Fine Art Print

I Am The Storm


25 x 19" / Acrylic on canvas Fate whispers to the warrior, "You cannot withstand the storm” The warrior whispers back, “I Am The Storm” Brightly painted buffalo head from the side view with a blue ...

Dos Bufalo


19.25 x 25.25" / Acrylic on canvasTwo brightly painted buffaloes head to head and horn to horn in front of a blazing sky.

Brave Heart


13 x 13" / Acrylic on canvasBoldly Colorado Buffalo looks bravely into the great unknown

Home on the Range


41 x 29" / Acrylic on canvas / Brightly colored painting of a Pronghorn antelope in a field of flowers

Elk At Night


28 x 40 / Oil on Canvas A herd of elk in the dark of night, caught in brilliant color under a full moon's light. After watching a meteor shower at 12,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park, Linds...



48 x 24" / Oil on Panel

Big Horn


60x48 / Acrylic on Canvas

The Buffalo


8x8 / Oil Paint on Panel

Boulder Buffalo


48x60" / Acrylic on Canvas