Meghann & Kevin Haase

"A hodgepodge group of artful messmakers sharing with the world whatever happened to strike our fancy at the moment."

Award-winning mixed media artists Meghann and Kevin Haase specialize in unique three-dimensional artworks, many made with reclaimed materials.

A veterinarian who's wanted to be an artist since age five, Meghann is in charge of spilling the paint, giving Kevin metalworking requests that defy the laws of physics, and labeling the art supplies. Kevin (occupational safety specialist by day) is the "welpenter", bringing a sense of movement and whimsy to each piece with his wood and metalcraft. He also makes fantastic quesadillas.

Meghann and Kevin's art is a fusion of creative processes, flowing from the vibrant, dynamic chaos of acrylic paint and resin to the solid, industrial elegance of wood and metal. Meghann's paintings evoke imagery of rippling water, blazing fire, and flourishing vegetation. Kevin's forged, carved, and fabricated dimensional elements amplify the pieces' motion as they “escape the frame” -- traversing, fracturing, encircling, and expanding the composition. By incorporating reclaimed and upcycled construction materials, pedestrian and utilitarian items are infused with renewed vitality and beauty.

Meghann and Kevin’s work could be described as inspired by transcendentalism (“capable of generating completely original insights with little attention and deference to past masters”), or simply as the creative results obtained when two humans who “don’t know what they don’t know” are provided with paint and power tools. They intend not to replicate the world's beauty, but to hint at it; to unravel the unique contours and delicate motions that grant each element its identity. The remaining details are left to the viewer's imagination, inviting them to explore the unique imperfections (planned, accepted, or unavoidable) inherent in each piece.

Together, Meghann and Kevin meld the colorful and messy with the strong and structural, in art as in life. Their art is borne out of asking the question “what if we...?”, endeavoring to bring an innovative approach to the composition of each piece.

Meghann and Kevin create from their home studio in Berthoud, Colorado, where they share their lives with two incredible daughters and two naughty dogs. They hope through the process of imagining, trying, failing, and trying again, they will teach their daughters to value creativity, collaboration, and perseverance.



Available Works

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Everything Is Vine


7x6x2" / Acrylic, ink, resin, reclaimed metal /  One of our little reclaimed hardware Dudes is holding on for dear life trying to prune this unruly metal vine! A shimmery, metallic floral colorsc...



6x6x3" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed metal /  Mini artwork for small spaces! A beautiful metal lily twines around a serene painted greenscape.



22x21x2" / Acrylic, resin, wood, and reclaimed metal /  Tumble into imagination with this colorful, fantastical colorscape surrounded by forged flower petals and scrolls of rebar.

Turtles All The Way Down


29x12x2" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed wood, metal, and hardware /  This piece centers around a peppy cascade of color, surrounded by eccentrically arranged wooden panels inlaid with a walnut infinit...

Harmony's Bystander


36x31" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed wood and metal /  From a distance this piece is bold, elegant, and subdued. Silvery elements of cattail and dragonfly accent a striking steel frame. Within the fr...



23x23" / Tranquil vibes abound in this multimedia piece. An acrylic painting capturing the play of light on a pond's surface is coated in rippling, three-dimensional resin, with a a falling leaf an...

Sanctum Artema


Step into the mystical world of 'Sanctum Artema,' a mesmerizing mixed-media dimensional artwork that showcases the intertwining symbolism surrounding the goddess Artemis. Drawing from the rich tape...

Slack Tide


36x82x7" / Acrylic, resin, ink, cement, reclaimed metal and wood / An enchanting triptych showpiece that captures the mesmerizing allure of the ocean depths. Each of the three pieces overlaps with...



20 x 39x5" / Acrylic, resin, ink, cement, reclaimed wood and metal / This bright little sculpted resin jellyfish has no idea that there's a hex nut kraken looking for him as he happily floats thro...



18 x 24" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed woodNamed for the phenomenon of chills or goosebumps when listening to moving music, this piece is a journey in prismatic color and shape. A dazzling rainbow of...



12x12" / Wood, acrylic, polymer, resin, ink, reclaimed hardware /  The colors of the tropics are on full display in this whimsical piece. The wooden round features a floral-feathered bird complete ...



12x12" / Acrylic, resin/polymer, ink, wood / A three dimensional poison dart frog adorns this bright and vibrant acrylic painting.