Meghann and Kevin Haase

"A hodgepodge group of artful messmakers sharing with the world whatever happened to strike our fancy at the moment."  

Collective Geekery is a husband/wife collaborative team specializing in unique three-dimensional mixed media artworks, many made with reclaimed or upcycled materials. A veterinarian who's wanted to be an artist since age five, Meghann is in charge of spilling the paint, giving Kevin metalworking requests that defy the laws of physics, and labeling the art supplies. Kevin (occupational safety specialist by day) is the "welpenter", bringing a sense of movement and whimsy to each piece with his wood and metalcraft.  He also makes fantastic quesadillas. 

Together, Meghann and Kevin meld the colorful and messy with the strong and structural, in art as in life. Their art is borne out of asking the question “what if we...?”, endeavoring to bring an innovative approach to the composition of each piece. The unconventional structural elements complement the colorful pieces, helping them to “escape the frame” and become something unique and fascinating.

They share their home in Berthoud with two amazing daughters and two beloved naughty dogs. They aspire one day to have a space where all the people and pets can have all the room they need to make incredible creative messes. They also hope through the process of imagining, trying, failing, and trying again they will teach their daughters to value creativity, hard work, collaboration, and perseverance.



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Inspired by an old growth forest, a vibrant and complex acrylic core resides within contoured "tree rings" carved from layers of plywood. Resin and crushed glass make up the petrified bark, and a p...



35" x 23"/ Mixed Media/ In a reversal of the Haase's usual technique- Kevin made the center and Meghann contributed the frame! The floral design is reminiscent of a cascade hops flower. The piece ...



49 x 36"/ Acrylic, spray paint, resin, oil pastel, metal, wood Layers of acrylic, resin, spray paint, and oil pastel on cradled MDF panel featuring torched and hand-etched steel Ethereum logo sculp...



So much movement in this piece! Bold, iridescent color splashes across a dark acrylic background, transmuting into undulating reclaimed screen metal framed by black laminate beam blocks.



A bold yet delicate burst of acrylic paint, invoking flower petals and butterfly wings simultaneously. A butterfly created from reclaimed metal alights on the frame created with reclaimed wood beam...



A showstopping burst of iridescent and metallic flowers play across a glossy black surface. A composite frame made of "shop scraps from A-Z" create a playful border, capped off by a curling forged ...



30 x 40 // Acrylic, resin, reclaimed wood, plaster, ink, stain, metal and hardware An aurora-esque lights display blazes in the sky over a mountain lake. Hand drawn and plasma-cut (no help from las...



16" x 16" x 2" // Acrylic, resin, wood, metal An aurora-esque lights display blazes in the sky over a mountain lake. Hand drawn and plasma-cut (no help from lasers) metal layers with copper and ...

Nebula 93


16" x 16" x 2" // Acrylic, resin, wood, metal A dazzling sunset blazes in the sky over the foothills while the Flatirons serve as sentries. Hand drawn and plasma-cut (no help from lasers) metal lay...



25 x 19.5 x 2" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed metal and wood. If you're from Colorado, you know this vantage by heart. Torched steel roads wind over birdseye maple foothills beyond ink-stained pines. ...



38 x 48" x 6" / Reclaimed wood and metal, acrylic, resinA whimsical and colorful triptych combined into a single piece. A warmly glowing sunset lights the way for a hiker returning from (or embarki...



36 x 36" / Acrylic, resin, metal, wood, and reclaimed hardware / A placid seabird bobs among metal swells while an acrylic wave crashes in the background.