R Gallery is honored to represent over 1000 Colorado artists from all across the state. Working with each of you is what makes R Gallery so special, and we can’t thank you enough. 

In order to better track and maintain our inventory, we ask that you please complete all relevant documents digitally for all pieces submitted to the gallery. 

Rotating Themed Exhibits

Applying for a themed exhibit is the first step to becoming an R Gallery artist. We rotate our exhibit themes about every 6-8 weeks, depending on the theme and time of year. 

Each exhibit’s applications open on Call For Entry (CaFE) about 3 months before the exhibit, and close four weeks before the exhibit is set to open. 

Once the application closes, we begin our jury selection process. If you are selected to participate in our upcoming exhibit, you will receive a notification email with a timeframe to bring your piece into the gallery, where it will hang for the duration of the exhibit or until it sells.

Open Calls for Entry

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Artist Appointments

In order to keep things running smoothly here at the gallery, we ask that you schedule an appointment to come in if you will be in need of staff assistance. That way, we can ensure we have the time and resources to assist you with whatever you might need. This includes dropping off or picking up works, editing or checking your inventory with us, and any other questions you may have come across. Thank you!

Artist Appointment Request

Records of Consignment (ROC) 

Records of Consignment (ROCs) are how we track the R Gallery inventory. 

All new works being brought to the gallery need to be officially registered. If your work has been accepted to the gallery, please fill out the Record of Consignment form BEFORE you bring your piece to us.

If your ROC has not been submitted before you bring your piece to the gallery, we will be unable to accept the piece into our inventory until we have an ROC on file for the piece.

Please fill out an individual ROC for each piece you plan to drop off. 

We ask that you please include an image of the piece if at all possible. This allows our staff to more accurately track our inventory. Additionally, if there is not an image included with the submission, your piece will not be listed on the R Gallery website.

New Artwork Registration (Record of Consignment)

Becoming an R Gallery Key Artist

Our community of artists here at R Gallery is always expanding. There are several ways to hang your art in our gallery. The very first step to becoming a key artist is to apply for and be accepted to one of our rotating themed exhibits.