Slack Tide Slack Tide Slack Tide

Slack Tide

Artist: Meghann & Kevin Haase


36x82x7" / Acrylic, resin, ink, cement, reclaimed metal and wood / An enchanting triptych showpiece that captures the mesmerizing allure of the ocean depths. Each of the three pieces overlaps with the others, creating a dazzling aquatic tapestry. This piece captures the dynamic interplay of water and light, from the sunbeams filtering through the azure surface to the sparkling ripples and reflections dappling the sculpted cement reef below. Adorning the reef are intricate coral formations – tubes, fans, branches, and fronds – created from reclaimed metal and hardware and colored with a variety of finishes. The inhabitants of this reef include a patrolling shrimp, ingeniously crafted from a variety of hardware, and three iridescent jellyfish. These creatures are individually sculpted from resin, paint, and ink and feature wire screen and filament tentacles swaying in the currents. This piece pays homage to the ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms. It was inspired by the Jimmy Buffett so...

Collections: Meghann & Kevin Haase

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