Harmony's Bystander Harmony's Bystander

Harmony's Bystander

Artist: Meghann & Kevin Haase


36x31" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed wood and metal /  From a distance this piece is bold, elegant, and subdued. Silvery elements of cattail and dragonfly accent a striking steel frame. Within the frame a quiet, glassy black resin pond awaits you. But just like a fish jumping or a dragonfly taking flight in the fringes of your peripheral vision, this piece offers glimpses of excitement and beauty when you look closer. Color-shifting pigments form ripples that echo and rebound from the water into the frame and back again. The sound of the water droplets is almost audible as your gaze roams the ripples. Ponder the interconnected yet separate narratives present: the reflective solitude of the viewer coexisting among the hidden vibrant ecosystem of the pond. This piece invites you to be more than an observer; it beckons you to become a participant in the unfolding narrative of harmonious coexistence. It is an interactive glimpse into a secret, tranquil oasis.

Collections: Meghann & Kevin Haase

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