Integral Yin-Yang 1 & 2

Integral Yin-Yang 1 & 2

Artist: T.M. Spring


  "This diptych is a reflective and imperfect variation on the symbolic yin-yang circle of black and white dualism. Showcasing structural disruptions and altered light and shadows is an attempt to show the messy reality of trying to achieve perfect balance in life. Allowing for this natural flow is integral -- essential and fundamental to our interdependencies and completeness."  ~ T.M. Spring /   Location: Lake Isabelle, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado. /   12 x 18" each / Photographic Print on Metal (Diptych), $180 each, $360 for the set. / 8 x 12" each / Photographic Print on Archival Fine Art paper with mat, $96 each  / This artwork is available in custom sizes and formats. Please contact the gallery for details. 

Collections: T.M. Spring

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