T.M. Spring

I create images to illustrate love -- love of nature, connecting with spirituality, revealing the whimsical, and bridging healing and survival stories. Many images are partnered with ekphrastic-style poetry and essay. Having a camera in hand feels like an extension of my body and is the way I engage with and interpret the world. After a near-death-experience (NDE), I moved to the mountains and began creating new art that is deeply personal and engenders more meaningful connections with collectors. I began working with a Pentax K1000 at age 16, apprenticed with a professional studio, and had a career in media producing, writing, and leading content strategy. Now I have a Sony A7, where I use natural light to evoke subtle strokes as if painting. I love discovering abstract concepts in natural environments and turning that into playful art.


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One Light V


17 x 14" / Fine Art PhotographyFor those moments in life that call for a miracle...This beautiful, ethereal angel-shaped cloud appeared at sunset. It floats in the ray of light above the mountains ...

She Swims Solo (B&W)

$525.00 $850.00

Fine Art Photography / A moose makes her way across Lake Isabelle in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, a place where winter weather can be experienced in all four seasons of a year.



Effervescent bubbles and swirls of colors transport you through the universe.

Candy Skies on the Eas...


13.5 x 16.5" / Fine Art Photography

The Way


13.5 x 16.5" / Fine Art Photography

Calwood 9

$15.00 $220.00

Framed Fine Art Giclee



17 x 14 / Framed Fine Art Giclee

And We Danced


17 x 14 / Framed Fine Art Giclee

Speed of Life

$50.00 $180.00

Photography / Created to reflect life patterns, start with high energy, bright beginnings full of action in exciting layers. Often times, something stops us in our tracks & we go dark, quiet, h...

The Verglas Path


14 x 17" / Photographic print on metallic archival paperThe verglas path, a thin coating of ice on an exposed surface, leads you from the shores of Coot Lake in a zig-zag across the sunset-lit wate...

Whisky Run


14 x 17" /  Photographic print on metallic paperTime blurs the distinction between classic and modern aesthetics at the Spirit Hound Distillery on the Ute Highway in Lyons, Colorado.  Black and whi...

Faces in the Crowd


14x17" / Framed Print on Fine Art Metallic PaperAbstract swirls, dips, and multidimensional lines open the viewer's imagination to what can be seen in the frame. Available in a variety of formats ...