Standing in the Arch Standing in the Arch

Standing in the Arch

Artist: Raymond Gaynor


I head out to Aches National Park for sunset and hike out to the Double Arch area. Golden hour is beautiful, casting its glowing light against the red rock arches. As I hike around looking for the right composition, the sun has set, and the sky begins opening its palette of colors. I start composing the shot of Turret Arch, with the background sky of pinks and purple colors. The keyhole shape of the arch opening makes for a perfect window for the colored sky. To my surprise, a woman appears in the arch opening, just as the colors peak. Normally, I would wait until she moved out of view, but she was perfectly positioned, the colors were peaking, and she added a sense of scale to this beautiful arch; click. This is Standing in the Sunset, Turret Arch – Arches NP, UT.

Collections: National Parks of the United States, Utah: Arches National Park

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