Raymond Gaynor

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Bear Glacier

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Later in the day, we sailed back toward Seward and passed one of the most beautiful and largest glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park, Bear Glacier. We were far from shore, but its grandeur couldn...

Denali Reflection

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I trekked out at dawn with the hope of capturing the highest peak in North America during sunrise, I was not disappointed. The weather changed and the previous evening optimism that the clouds woul...

Glacier Bay Sunset

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One of the many highlights of our trip to Alaska was to witness a world heritage site and national park, Glacier Bay. We spend the day cruising into the inlets taking in the beauty of the tidewater...

Mesa Arch II

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Out 2 hours before dawn, I drive 45 minutes then hike ~ ½ mile in the darkness to the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, UT. As the sun breaks over the horizon, I realize that I’m witnessing...

Saguaro Standing Tall

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The start of our Arizona – New Mexico Shoot this year was Saguaro National Park. We had driven down from Phoenix on a mixed windy March day. The day was cold, relative term when you come from Michi...

Standing in the Arch

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I head out to Aches National Park for sunset and hike out to the Double Arch area. Golden hour is beautiful, casting its glowing light against the red rock arches. As I hike around looking for the ...

Steps in the Sand

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At dawn I drove to the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley. As the sunrise crested over the mountains the dunes became alive with its changing light and shadows As I hiked along the dunes towa...

Sunset Glacier

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It’s now mid-afternoon and the heavy low hanging clouds are rising starting to expose the nearby mountains. Sunset Glacier on Scott Peak, 8800ft, and the surrounding tundra with its many shades o...

Sunset on the Teepees

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As golden hour displayed its light it made for a beautiful Sunset on the Teepees.