Sandstorm no. 3, Death Valley National Park, 2020

Sandstorm no. 3, Death Valley National Park, 2020

Artist: Jonathan Knight


This was one of the most intense mornings of photography I've ever experienced. It's easy to get lost in "survival mode" as winds throw sand at your face, while your brain says "conditions like this don't come often" so the intensity and pressure increases. Strong winds kicked up a sandstorm on this morning in Death Valley Mesquite Dunes and coupled with low-angle morning light offered extraordinary photographic conditions and ever-changing compositional opportunities. Contrary to assumption. it takes a lot of patience and self-control to come away with a fine photograph amongst all the environmental chaos. It is sensory overload to the extreme. Suddenly it's easy to forget things like autofocus or composition as you just try and stay upright and protecting your eyes. It's eay to start "spraying and praying." But if I had to make a choice between this photograph and the experience, I would choose the experience every time. It's important to keep things in perspective. To a large ext...

Collections: California: Death Valley National Park, National Parks of the United States, Sand Dunes

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