California: Death Valley National Park

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Last Chance-Ubehebe Po...

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Last Chance Range behind an evaporation pool near Ubehebe Crater. Not what most people think of as Death Valley, but very much in keeping with the incredible colors, textures, and shapes.

Dante's View

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Looking down at Death Valley's Badwater from the heights of Dante's View as seemingly apocalyptic dark rain clouds move in

Twilight at Mesquite F...

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In the dunes as the sun sets, the last pink of the day shines on the sand as the reflected blue from the darkening sky fills the shadows.

Clearing Storm Panamin...

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While most experience Death Valley from the valley floor, the perspective from Dante's Peak, over a mile in elevation, changes everything. This afternoon, western light angled into the valley backl...


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Sun rays shining over the landscape at Zabriskie Pointing.

Death Valley Sunrise

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Let’s not kid ourselves. The desert is a harsh place. Often it makes you work to find its beauty. And the work pays off because the beauty is sublime. But on mornings like this it bowls you over, s...


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Island outcrop in the north end of the Racetrack located in Death Valley National Park


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Dry lake bed and surrounding mountains in the Racetrack area of Death Valley National Park

Last Light in Badwater

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Surreal. Majestic. Serene. Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America at 282' below sea level, is all of that and more. In winter it is cold, prone to flooding, and gives one a menta...

Mesquite Flats Sand Du...

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Ironically named, Mesquite Flats is a complex field of Sahara-like sand dunes covering an area of 12 square miles in central Death Valley. Erosion of the valley mountains creates grains of sand car...

Summit and Dunes, Deat...

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Snowy Summit and Mesquite Sand Dunes in early morning December at Death Valley National Park.

Salt and Stars - Death...

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The delicate salt formations on Death Valley's floor melt when wet and regularly get trampled by visitors. But, like geometric phoenixes, they continually resurface. Deep in night, their mystery gr...