NOW: Colorado Creatives Unleashed

April 26 - June 4, 2023

Explore the creative minds of Colorado artists through their most recent works. This exhibit displays Colorado’s impressive artistic diversity, featuring sprawling landscapes, abstract works, and unique sculptures. From the avant garde to the traditional, local artists showcase their new and adventurous pieces.tags:exhibit,past
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Lunar Muses: Literatur...


39 x 21" / Fiber/Mixed MediaThe moon has long been a symbol of the feminine, the keeper of female wisdom and Mother Nature. She guides the oceans, crops, and acts as a muse to inspire poetry, song,...

Bear N Bee


25 x 25" / Acrylic & CharcoalThis bear's expression draws me in every time. He was inspired by a playful younger bear that would visit our cabin in Breckenridge. He would arrive early morning a...



24 x 24" / Stainless steel, mild steel



15 x 15" / Oil & Acrylic Painting Collage on Canvas / Melancholic is a portrait that depicts a moment of contemplation or introspection, as if the subject is lost in thought or perhaps reflecti...

Pride Lands


42 x 32" / Acrylic on Canvas /Inspired by the Serengeti, and the belief that the Earth belongs first to the animal kingdom. The lyrics from "Circle of Life" moved me to create this painting..."From...

Shouting Out


16 x 20" / Mixed Media FiberHandmade paper with various fibers (asparagus, pampas & maiden hair grass, oleander, iris, marigold, poinsettia, echinacea, cotton), fiber reactive dyes, acrylic sea...

Mrs. Beekman’s Fish Pond


24 x 18" / Acrylic and TissueInsects of dusk sing songs of evenings past...heavy suffocating air, the smell of damp earth, mist rising among tall grasses. Dark forms swirl and break on the surface....

Half Full


10 x 8" / Glass and Encaustic / Celebrate life! Whether your glass is half full or half empty, maybe it's time for a refill.

The Arrival


18 x 22" / Oil on CanvasWhether it's a day's excursion to a Tuscan vineyard, a lifetime goal achieved, or coming to a decision, "the arrival" is something to be celebrated. This piece is inspired b...

The Space In Between


30 x 40" / Cold Wax & Oil

Happy Ending


26 x 26" / Oil on CanvasThis piece invites you soak up the peace and serenity of the marshland glow at sunset. Inspired by time spent by the coastline in New England, where Peg lived and painted fo...

3D Ocean Wave


8.25 x 8.25" / Alcohol InksThis piece started out as a flat, one-dimensional painting. I wasn't happy with it so I transformed it into a three-dimensional painting, inspired by ocean waves.