NOW: Colorado Creatives Unleashed

April 26 - June 4, 2023

Explore the creative minds of Colorado artists through their most recent works. This exhibit displays Colorado’s impressive artistic diversity, featuring sprawling landscapes, abstract works, and unique sculptures. From the avant garde to the traditional, local artists showcase their new and adventurous pieces.tags:exhibit,past
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Buffaloes Grazing at S...


24 x 30" / Mixed MediaMy inspiration for this painting is the beauty of the buffaloes living here in Colorado. The sun was setting near a bison farm, creating magnificent colors.

Writer's Block


16 x 16" / Cyanotype photograph/photogram on fabric / Rich blue cyanotype on textural and iridescent silk-hemp fabric. This piece is a combination photograph and photogram. During the exposure of t...

Eco-Dyed with Wax


12 x 12" / Mixed Media  / Watercolor paper was eco-dyed in a water bath with leaves placed directly on the paper. Once dry, the organic materials were removed, and the paper was written on and/or d...

The Question Is


20 x 16" / Mixed MediaThis is an interactive artwork, meaning that viewers are welcome to turn the pages of the attached booklet to read the poem written by the artist.



10 x 10" / Cold Wax & Oils on Glass / "Octopus" came from inspiration to paint with cold wax & oils directly on glass. I've been exploring this medium since summer 2022, and appreciate how ...

Where do songbirds go ...


12 x 12" / Acrylic on Wood Panel / One of a series of small paintings created during the first quarter of 2023. This painting is part of a sub-set of five paintings entitled "Where do the songbirds...

Blue Flower


12 x 8" / Assemblage / This piece is a simple homage to flowers and to the artist's love of the color cobalt.

Circles of Confusion


8 x 8" / EncausticThere are times we find ourselves in situations where it feels like we are surrounded by "Circles of Confusion," yet we fail to see that in the heart of that confusion, there are ...

Half Empty


8 x 10" / Glass and Encaustic / Celebrate life! Whether your glass is half full or half empty, maybe it's time for a refill.

Winter Table Mesa


13 x 10" / High Flow Acrylic PaintPainted on homemade paper from India.

Late Fall


5 x 7" / Acrylic

Lunar Muses: Literatur...


39 x 21" / Fiber/Mixed MediaThe moon has long been a symbol of the feminine, the keeper of female wisdom and Mother Nature. She guides the oceans, crops, and acts as a muse to inspire poetry, song,...