Night Skies

Jul 18 - Aug 18, 2020

During the daytime, our skies are filled with light, clouds, and the vast blue atmosphere. However, when the sun goes down, everything changes. We get a glimpse of the universe beyond and see our world transform under the blanket of darkness.


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Botswana Boab Night


24 x 16 / Photography printA lone boab tree stands like a sentinel beneath the Milky Way in the wilds of Botswana in this long exposure night photography piece.

Full Moon and Stars


48 x 24 / Acrylic on Canvas



24 x 30 / PastelImage 18 x 24 The night sky is not dark. This pastel painting is of the full moon breaking through the clouds as seen from my home in the forest. I was particularly interested in th...

Boulder, Colorado, Ear...


18x36" / Oil on Canvas