Night Skies

Jul 18 - Aug 18, 2020

During the daytime, our skies are filled with light, clouds, and the vast blue atmosphere. However, when the sun goes down, everything changes. We get a glimpse of the universe beyond and see our world transform under the blanket of darkness.


40 items

2001: A Quilt Oddyssey


31 x 38 / Art Quilt, Textile ArtA photo from the Hubble Space Telesope of an explosion of gasses in the Crab Nebula inspired this painted wholecloth quilt with beaded embellishments.

In Our Hands


24 x 30 / Finger Paint"All that stands in the way of saving the planet is a combination of ignorance, prejudice, and vested interests." -Paul Krugman

The Bones of My Ancestors


36 x 36 / Oil paint, cold wax, oil bar, bison bones on wood panel

Lunar Eclipse


8 x 7 x 5" / Bronze and polished stainless steel / The moment when the eclipse and the midnight blue convene. Inspired by the sumptuous eclipse; poured silicon bronze ovoid with polish and blue pat...

In the Path of Totality


24 x 24 / Digital PaintingHealing intent: Gender identity, libido, sexual intimacy, orgasmic and erectile issues. Body connections: Bladder, urethra, prostrate and external genitalia.

After the Eclipse


31 x 21 / Stained GlassHanging panel, abstract contemporary original design by Jeremy Walker, stained glass artist in Lyons, CO.

Binary Star


13 x 25 x 15 / SculptureTwo stars, in close proximity, rotate around each other in uneasy harmony. Exchanging energy and plasma – each always looking to consume the other.

Aurora Over the Mountains


31.5 x 18 x 10 / bronzeThe Aurora personified as a dancer with a flowing scarf.

Desert Night


14 x 20 / Oils on exotic wood veneerOils on Waterfall Bubinga (African hardwood) veneer. Due to its fine, tight grain and its beautiful reddish brown color, Bubinga is often referred to as "African...

Arc Light ii


18.5 x 22.5 / Giclée Print



12x15" / mixed media (fishbones art) new formA/ An absolutely new form of mixed media, made by using different types of fishbones in natural colors, glued to a black velvet background which provide...

Botswana Milky Way


30 x 20 / Photography composition print"This image depicts the Milky Way the night sky in the wilds of Botswana. Multiple long exposure photography shots are blended to create a swirled Milky Way r...