Boulder Art Assoc. Spring 2024

MAR 27 - APR 28, 2024

45 items

The Emerald Isle in Mo...


16 x 30" / Photography Print Tryptic / I expected to find the most beautiful and colorful scenery on my honeymoon in Ireland. Lo and behold, I was stunned by the rich contrast and moody weather whi...

The Universe


41 x 30" / Oil on Canvas /  The Universe is inside you. ~Rumi

Tonahutu Impression 2,...


12 x 26" / Digital Photography / "Tonahutu Impression 2, 2020" was the result of my experimental photography process in the field. Holding the camera by hand, I created this photo while in a crouch...

True Colors


18 x 22" / Acrylic / "True Colors" portrays the girl's face primarily in grayscale, exuding a timeless and refined charm. Bursts of lively blue, red, and yellow inject the piece with lively contras...

Universal Love


17.5 x 14.5" / Watercolor / An Ecuadorian mother carries her young children as she makes her way through the local marketplace. Her load is heavy, but there is love in her eyes. We are all so diffe...



30 x 20" / Water Media / Paint-pouring techniques were used to obtain this abstract painting.



24 x 36" / Oil on Linen / This is a wonderful example of the classical school of oil painting. The classical style is still alive and thriving today, both in painting and in music.

Wemagooah Kazuhchich (...


13 x 16" / Watercolor / A view across the Sopris Valley with majestic Mt. Sopris as the main focus.

Whispering Silver Tides


17 x 33" / Alcohol Inks / Inspired by the ocean, "Whispering Silver Tides" is painted with indigo, aquamarine and laguna inks, which blend with shimmers of silver "waves." The painting can be hung ...