Artist: Lars Gesing


One of life’s finer feelings is the deep sense of peace and stillness that waits on the other side of a fierce internal battle. When we reach that ambiguous threshold, emerging victorious from wrestling demons that seemingly ruled our lives for what closely resembled eternity, though it was not, an unrivaled feeling of contentment sets in. Suddenly, the world around us is as quiet as we’ve ever felt. Stress evades our very core. Achievement is not a singular act. Rather, it is a force that lives in that whimsical and paradisiacal corner of our soul, waiting to be unfastened. It is then that the comfort that has been elusive for all too long suddenly abounds and overwhelms our beholden bodies. Grateful for the blessing that allowed us to emerge victorious, life’s smallest moments now seem larger than life itself, carrying magnified meaning. It is, of course, the great tragedy of the occasion that as soon as that transient feeling of achievement sets in, it starts to fade into the neb...


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