Raku-fired vase with three ears

Raku-fired vase with three ears

Artist: Tom Cannon


10.5 x 9.5 x 9.5"/ Raku-fired ceramic /  Raku-fired vase with three ears, incised pattern around the shoulder and neck, and detailing around foot. I threw this vase with a large opening at the mouth as if to allow the energy from within to rise up and expand outward, creating presence for this vessel. I augmented the design by adding three ears, incising a horizontal pattern around the shoulder, and detailing along the base. Ears were common in traditional pottery of Japan. Ears on pots were used to secure covers to help store harvested tea, or preserve miso. This is an example of raku firing at its best. With a single glaze I achieved variations of color from deep greens where the glaze was applied thicker to browns, where it was thinner, and copper flashing along the bottom, showing ample evidence of the reduced atmosphere during the post firing reduction was an added bonus. The black portion of the bottom contrasts handsomely with the glossy green glaze. 


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