Boreal Owl

Boreal Owl

Artist: Paul & Elena Jones


8 x 6" / Copper and Wood The terms embossing/chasing and repousse refer to the shaping and hammering of metal. Embossing and chasing is the process by which we hammer the front-side of the metal to create unique textures and patterns. Repousse is when we flip the piece over and push the metal outwards, creating a relief. This piece was made using hammers and other small (3-5 mm) tools to develop an image. After the metal is shaped, we add chemical and dye patinas for vibrant color. The Boreal Owl is a very small animal, and its inquisitive face in particular caught our eye. They are known to be very antisocial but attentive and curious. We love to highlight the unique characteristics of each animal in this series and connect them to our human emotions.


Not Available: This artwork has been sold or is no longer available. It is possible that we have other pieces similar or Paul & Elena Jones may be willing to create a similar piece on commission. Please select the "Interested / Questions" button below to inquire about other options.

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