Open Calls for Entry

Trees & Flowers

Artwork in the “Trees & Flowers” exhibit should have a main theme being of or about trees & flowers. Think outside of the box - we would love to see some unique approaches and explorations in depicting the subject matter so that the exhibited pieces are rich in variety.

The exhibit will run Aug 18, 2021 through Sept 26, 2021.

The deadline for submission is midnight on August 1, 2021.

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Vibrant & Bold

For R Gallery’s “Vibrant & Bold” exhibit we are looking for artwork which primarily relies on color, contrast, and shape to create works which are expressive, captivating, and exciting. This is this exhibit to let your creativity and inner fireworks explode.

The exhibit will run Sept 29, 2021 through Oct 31, 2021.

The deadline for submission is midnight on Sept 5, 2021.

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National Parks of the United States
Online Photography Collection

R Gallery is building a permanent online exhibit which will feature images from ALL 62 US National Parks. These images will be for sale on our website and in our downtown Boulder art gallery. Selected artists will give R Gallery the rights to sell prints and artists will receive 50% of the profits for each sale. R Gallery will also create a book using these photos and promoting the exhibit and sale of prints.

Artists are invited to submit original artwork for the “National Parks” exhibit. In this exhibit, we are seeking photographic images, either film or digital, in all styles. The images must have been taken in or of one of the 62 US National Parks. A portion of the profit from print and book sales will go to the National Park Foundation.

The exhibit will be displayed virtually. Images will be selected during monthly jurying starting June 16 until all parks are represented or the final deadline of Oct 17th, 2021. Enter early for the best chance.

Monthly Jurying Deadlines: July 18, Aug 15, Sept 19, Oct 17
Eligibility: International. All entries must be of original design and personal execution.

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Coming Soon

Black & White
11/3 - 12/5