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Open Calls for Entry

Motion & Flow

Artists are invited to submit original artwork for the “Motion & Flow” exhibit. In this exhibit, we are seeking artwork in all styles and mediums that incorporate the themes of motion and flow. Motion is the action or process of moving or being moved, and flow is the continuous stream of movement.

The show will run April 14, 2021 through May 23, 2021.

Motion can be slow or fast, as long as there is activity. When a thing is in motion, it can self-propel or be forced into motion by an instigator. When something is in flow, there is a connectivity with the movement as it goes from one place to another. Flow can also mean the subject is in synchronicity with its surroundings. There is a mental and metaphysical flow we feel when we are completely immersed in an activity and time seems to fall away.

Artwork submitted for the “Motion & Flow” exhibit should focus on pieces that evoke the sense of movement, action, or a continuous current. This can include the textures, emotions, materials, colors, and concepts of movement and flow; a singular theme or combination of concepts that may consist of a literal representation or symbolic interpretation of the fundamental motion and flow theme.

The deadline for submission is midnight on March 21, 2021. 

For more details and to apply on Cafe: https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=8408


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