Spring: New Beginnings

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Spirit of the Spring


18 x 24" / Oil



20 x 20" / Acrylic on CanvasThe interplay of soft and bold, expressive mark making and vibrant color give a feeling of movement and tension ready to release.

Better You Than Me


28 x 22" / Mixed MediaTraditional framing

Sun Is Rising


16 x 12" / Watercolor



29 x 17" / FiberMachine and hand stitched wall hanging with fusible batting, painted organza, non-woven fabric, ink-jet printed organza, and original monoprinted dryer sheets.

Spring Creek


20 x 23" / PastelGreen pasture with a spring creek running through

Arise and Shine


12 x 12" / acrylicFields of deep purple and vibrant green hills. The sunset is highlighted by adding some gold pigment to the sky.

Calla Lilies


35 x 22" / Oils on Paldao wood veneerOils painted on Paldao veneer. Found in the Philippines, the Paldao grows with a remarkable buttress encircling the lower trunk, creating 40' diameter growths w...

Nurture Nature


14.5 x 5 x 5" / Mixed Media: Barbed wire, 24k gold leaf, acrylicA nest constructed of barbed wire balanced on a pedestal surrounds a natural bird nest containing three small, fragile eggs of blue a...

Vaughan Lake in Spring


9 x 12" / Oil

Pipe Dreams


42 x 17" / Porcelain, stoneware, commercial tilePipedreams at my age tend to let hope overcome reason! Using the plumbing to facilitate movement from one vignette to another to take us to a renaiss...



48 x 60" / Cold Wax & Oil