Rob Lantz


Rob's work is not as much about capturing a realistic image as it is about echoing the sensations nature evokes. From the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea, he likes to venture to the extremes to find inspiration. Rob says, "I love creating images that tell the story of the incredible places."

When Rob was just a year old, his family moved to Texas. This is where his love for adventure was forged--in the hill country north of San Antonio, in the Guadalupe Mountains of the southwest, and in the lakes of North and Central Texas.

Then, for a time, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean fueled his adventures. Snorkeling the vibrant reefs, SCUBA diving to shipwrecks, always with a camera in tow. When the Rocky Mountains called, he was ready to answer. Rob is now practicing his art based out of Boulder, Colorado. The high mountains along the Continental Divide are his playground.


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Waste Not


15 x 9" / Photography - Traditional framing The world wastes A LOT of food. Many times, perfectly good food is thrown out because it is not perfect. This images tries to convey the perfectly-goo...