Jerry Severns

Jerry retired from a coat and tie career in 2010, and began playing with metal. Since then, he has made jewelry, living space tables, hanging sculptures, chimes, and standing sculptures. Jerry’s work has been exhibited in juried art shows and at galleries in Denver and Boulder. Several pieces have been selected for public art programs in Colorado and Wyoming.

Jerry explores movement and interaction with his sculpture. In Jerry’s words, “everything in our existence has been created by movement of something and interaction with something else. In many cases movement defines a path. Interaction alters paths. Some of my pieces can be viewed as several paths that have come together and changed or are about to come together. These may be viewed as only segments in time. The art participant may also consider what has come before and what is to follow.”

Jerry finds creatures, beings, and spirits in many shapes. In meeting these previously unknown beings, Jerry asks the art viewer to consider the possibility of sentient capabilities and value in those who may not be just like us.

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Steel Sculpture / 69 x 10 x 16"