California: Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon in northern California is home to Redwood Canyon and adjacent to Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This area is known for its gigantic sequoia trees, towering granite canyon walls, and roaring rivers. Excellent wildlife sighting opportunities include bears, cougars, and rattlesnakes. The KNP Complex fire from September 2021 has changed some of the ancient tree landscape. 

Kings Canyon artwork brings rivers, waterfalls, and majestic trees to life. 

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Adversity Overcome

$95 $2,000

Giant conifer roots seek out sustenance between the boulders along the Kings River.

Behemoth's Toes

$95 $2,000

Centuries of living etch character into the foot of this giant. What stories he could tell!

Kings RIver

$95 $2,200

The tranquility of a clear snow-fed river on a summer afternoon, belies it’s ability, under other conditions, to carve canyon walls.

Grizzly Falls, Morning

$150 $1,700

Taken in early summer after a wet spring.