Boulder Arts Association - Feathered Friends

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Winter Blue Jay


8 x 8" / AcrylicsThe Blue Jay is taking a break on a cold winter day.

Winter Flight


8 x 8" / WatercolorA snowy owl silently glides hrough a wintry night.

Christmas Cardinals


8 x 8" / ScratchboardThree-dimensional black scratchboard with tinted inks on 2 boards mounted together. Image of a tree in white on black and extending out to a reversed tree in black on white. Se...

The Eye of the Buffalo


8 x 10" / Oil / Ralphie resting in the field

A Wonderous Bird Is Th...


8 x 8" / mixed / A wonderous bird is the pelican. His mouth can hold more than his belly can. These birds were inspired by the pelicans in a fishing village on the north coast of Peru, waiting for ...

Exploring friendship


8x8"/ watercolor



8 x 8" / oil and cold waxBirdland is about seeing birds from a child's perspective. When I was a child I would chase birds for hours and hours. I was attracted to their colorful plumage and their a...

Proud Roller


8 x 8" / oil

bois de Boulogne


8 x 8" / Oil

Drifting Along


8 x 8" / watercolorMallard painted in watercolor on a very slick surface. This combination creates unique texture which helps suggest the flow of the water.

Edith Piaf


8 x 8" / Colored pencil / Portrait of Edith Piaf French singer, performer, actress Nicknamed 'The Little Sparrow'

Owl Alchemy


8 x 8" / acrylicacrylic on paper mounted on cradled panel