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Lonely Wisdom


25x13"/ Mixed media FishBones / Lonely Wisdom is an original and unique 3D mixed media sculpted painting, created by using natural fishbones, preserved with pearl acrylic coating, placed on black v...

Walk Around The Lake


12x12" / Photography / Take a step into a magical forest with this photograph of a path through mysterious and beautiful woods.

Camp Chairs


10x10" / Photography / Take a seat in one of these chairs and you might become a part of the forest. This photography shows camp chairs that overlook an unseen beauty as nature extends tendrils out.

Moss & Trees


10x10" / Photography / Stare long enough into this magical forest and hidden sprites might pop up. The moss and trees in this photo exude a peacefulness that draws you in.

Hidden Waterfalls


10x10" / Photography / Water comes rushing down this hidden mountain waterfall cleaning the rocks and carrying fish down the river.

Hidden Worlds


11 x 14" / Photography / Look closely enough and you'll discover hidden worlds in each dew drop.

Underwater Bubbles


11 x 14" / Photography / Moss captured underwater showcases little bubbles that form as the tide goes up and down.

Looking North


22 x 22" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel / Looking North painted Plein Aire standing in the sand at the Boulder Reservoir looking north west towards the foothills.



14 x 14

Cloud over White Sands


White Sands National Park, NM

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico


Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu NM

Mojave Clouds


Sunset in the Mojave desert. The clouds swirl above a grove of Joshua trees.