Yumi (Japanese - Dream)

Yumi (Japanese - Dream)

Artist: Tom Cannon


12 x 12 x 8"/ High-fired ceramic / Yumi has a lot of subtlety and direct motion. It was thrown symmetrically on the wheel and then I created a new form. Waiting for the right moment of firmness, I pushed two opposing sides together, creating an oval. I then scalloped the rim and impressed a roller along the top, which created a textured pattern. I added additional surface embellishments, both along the outside and on the interior of the vessel. The form was further complemented with a tripartition foot, that was ultimately finished with a green glaze. After the initial bisque firing, the piece was glazed white and for additional richness a thin application of green was sprayed on. The cone 10 (2300 degree) firing went well and a masterpiece was created, suitable for for a holiday table centerpiece.


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