Artist: Lars Gesing


The warmth of the rising sun invigorates placid air as the slickrock desert, hungry and impatient for the return of its embrace, sits far below, with no choice but to wait. The great irony of this marvel is that with so generous a gift of space, gone is the need for life to be crowded upon life. And yet, here we are. Life gravitates toward the other, crowded yet again. All that’s left then is our attitude toward it all. Mired in appreciation and wonder, does your mind find the solitude and space to dive into original thought? Or does it fall short of seizing an opportunity presented, expressing a false sense of superiority over the other on the path of this shared pilgrimage? Or worse yet, does it fall short to be wondrous and grateful altogether? Unfortunately, I have seen it all. What seems so obvious, to not take our experiences for granted, seems less obvious to many, astonishingly so. The choice is ours, there, and here. Allow yourself to be amazed, always, and you will be rewa...


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