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Lars Gesing

x " / Face-mounted photographic print framed/unframed

I grew up in motion. Sheltered, loved, cared for, no doubt; but in motion, moving, fostering and following a curious mind. There was, by no means, a clear-cut, straight road ahead, with mile markers to pass like checks on a to-do-list. Rather, the light that illuminated my path was thin, aqueous, allowing me to stray left and right, on veering ways, as I began to follow the horizon’s call. Carefully nurturing such an abstract outlook on life, safeguarding it against all creeping insecurity, leaves more space for interpretation what constitutes a curious life. The noise that fills the ear is no longer an unsophisticated drumbeat but a symphony of boundless possibility. “If this was lost, let us all be lost always�, counsels Mary Oliver’s sagesse. So, really, then, a life well lived is one of motion, not necessarily toward anything, as long as we move, and forward, positively, with an outlook on what’s ahead defined more by our attitude toward it than its visibility per se. So, where does your mind wander when you let it go? Make sure to keep up.
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