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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Tabitha Benedict

Tabitha was one of 15 artists and 6 muralists chosen to create a work of art to promote reintroducing the gray wolf back into Colorado.

48 x 60" / Vasari Veneziano Plaster, painted in Acrylics and Oils.

This piece pays homage to the Union between the natural world, human spirit and the Wolf. WE are all connected and the wolves play a vital part in the balance of our ecosystem. Being able to see through the Wolf is to understand the hidden truth within the layers and depth of their existence. Eradicating the Wolf ripples through our plant and animal communities leaving behind an unstable landscape which is also tied to our local economies.
#VoteYesCO114 #restorethehowl #creatureconserve #coloradowolfproject

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