Atria Atria Atria


Artist: Katelyn Odenheimer


6" x 4" / Porcelain (size is for each heart in the series of 200)Whole installation is 7 ft x 8 ftThe heart is both a vital organ and a forceful image, real and symbolic, literal and figurative. It is the center of vitality, houses the soul, and encompasses the innermost emotions. The anatomical hearts that make up Atria represent the anxiety that consumes me. Conceptually, each form demonstrates the relationship between my physiological and psychological states: converting neurotic, obsessive thoughts, and the debilitating physical symptoms of panic attacks into a positive act of creating. I meticulously sculpt one porcelain heart a day, allowing time for self-connection, a release of emotion, and a moment that is captured in time. Note: These pieces are part of the Katelyn's BFA thesis exhibition. Availability to be determined. Ask for details.

Collections: Strange Times

Not Available: This artwork is no longer available. It is possible that we have other pieces similar or Katelyn Odenheimer may be willing to create a similar piece on commission. Please select the "Interested / Questions" button below to inquire about other options.

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