Snurtle Snurtle Snurtle


Artist: Lianne Johnson


3 x 4 x 5" / Ceramic   Is it a Turtle or a Snail? It’s a Snurtle! Stoneware clay is swirled and textured to fashion a snail shell. The addition of turtle legs, tail and head complete the chimera. A fine slip is burnished all over before firing. A second firing takes place in an earthen pit, where straw, cornhusks, salt, wood, seaweed, etc. act as colorants in a low-fire process. The result is a collage of wonderful white, gray, peach, burgundy, and black.   


Not Available: This artwork has been sold or is no longer available. It is possible that we have other pieces similar or Lianne Johnson may be willing to create a similar piece on commission. Please select the "Interested / Questions" button below to inquire about other options.

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