Raku Vase with Incised Pattern and Two Ears

Raku Vase with Incised Pattern and Two Ears

Artist: Tom Cannon


10 x 6.5 x 5.5"/ Raku-fired ceramic /  After throwing this form, and while it was still on the wheel, I rotated it, and incised a line around the shoulder. The next day when the vase had firmed, I cut a series of vertical lines. Within each pair of lines I used a rasp and impressed it into the still malleable clay surface, creating an incised pattern that went from top to bottom. To complete the form I rolled out a coil of clay, formed two ears, scored the sides of the pot, dabbed a little wet clay and attached the ears. When the pot was thoroughly dried, I loaded it in the electric kiln and fired it 1000 degrees C. This took the pot from the dried clay state to fired ceramic, allowing me to pour glaze over it and not have it crumble in my hands. After glazing it was ready to begin the raku-firing process, which I have described before. Briefly, the pot is put in a gas fired kiln and heated until 1800 degrees. From a spy hole I can view the progress of the firing and monitor the ...


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