Artist: Lars Gesing


x " / Face-mounted photographic print framed/unframedIt was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fresh October snow had just fallen on some radiating leaves just down the road from my house, and the sun peeked through the bristling canopy, evoking a vibrant sense of pure positivity. Finding neighborly beauty gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction, of peace, of motivation. Sometimes, as we strive to be better at being ourselves, all it takes is a spark. And what’s more liberating than knowing that spark of inspiration can be found not just in those places we see in magazines, but in the neighborhoods that magazines are too busy to visit? Isn’t it true that, when we close our eyes, and our imagination slowly fills that dark canvas, it is, more often than not, the beauty of the seemingly mundane, the brush of color amid the gray that many of our days inevitably are, that appears from the blur? Taking such an outlook on our immediate surroundings is an inherently po...


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