Aegean Seafoam

Aegean Seafoam

Artist: Tom Cannon


14" x 17" x 12 / High-fired ceramic / Thrown and altered are the operative words for this ceramic vessel. After throwing the initial form, I made two opposing slices, cutting and re-attaching the walls of the vessel and building up two high points, like cresting waves. The rim was further detailed with impressed texturing, and the form was acentuated with a tripartited foot. Aegean Seafoam was glazed and fired multiple times to build up the richness of color and to create the fluid affect of surf breaking over the rocks.


Not Available: This artwork has been sold or is no longer available. It is possible that we have other pieces similar or Tom Cannon may be willing to create a similar piece on commission. Please select the "Interested / Questions" button below to inquire about other options.

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