Artist: Penelope Sharp


28 x 11" / Sculpture / "Temptation" - an altar to mindfulness. Seven Deadly Sins, hidden in plain sight. Often obscured by good intentions, zeal for life, or benign neglect. Cloaked by the gentle seductive folds of normal behavior...and yet, unchecked ? A moral compass skewed? More than meets the eye! The idea I’m trying to get across is that my piece, Temptation, is an altar to self-realization and as such a person can realize through self-absolution the judgement of sin can be changed.  Just as you can change inside, you can change the sin (wrath, lust, gluttony, etc.) to a positive affirmation (joy, spirituality, appreciation, love, etc.)  The deadly sins can be removed (with a dry-erase marker or nail polish remover) and replaced with positive transformative words.  Celebrate a new you !

Collections: 7 Deadly Sins

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