Star Pockets

Star Pockets

Artist: Carrie Lederer


16 x 12 / Acrylic on wood panelCarrie states, "My painting, sculpture and installation primarily relate to one subject—life forms in nature and our relationship to the natural world. The work depicts turbulent aspects of the garden informed by nature's riotous colorful beauty, or the deep dark space of our universe filled with a Byzantine intricacy of patterns, shapes, and constellations. My current work explores the convergence of these two worlds—nature and the universe— and I seem to be evermore curious about and drawn to the order beneath the confusion found in both. The science of fractals and patterns of chaos are particularly important to my work. A fractal is a complex geometric figure made up of patterns that repeat itself—each time on a smaller scale, and each smaller version is referred to as a “self-similar ” form. At first glance they seem to be a tangle of order/disorder or violence/beauty. Fractals are an ongoing inspiration and source of imagery. They basically ...

Collections: Night Skies

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