Photographer's Night

A Night for Photographers

Photographer's Show & Tell

On the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm, photographers are invited to gather in the wine bar to connect with each other and discuss their work. If you wish to share your work with the group, we ask that you bring a few examples of your work saved to a flash drive. Each presenter is encouraged to discuss their images, adventures, and challenges. Your images do not need to be on theme for the month, and can be any photography you wish to share. .

Monthly Photo Challenge

 Each month, R Gallery issues a challenge to all Boulder Area photographers.  To compete, simply bring your submission saved on a flash drive to our monthly photographer's night. 

The winning photographer receives a place on the wall at R Gallery for the coming month, as well as a $100 gift card.  

December Photography Challenge: Mountain Top

Take a picture of JUST the top of a mountain. Get creative. The image can have other elements, but it just can't have the whole mountain. We want to see an image where you are confinded to use only the top.