Month of Photography: March 3 - April 11, 2021

Photographers of R Gallery Exhibit  

Join R Gallery in welcoming featured artists for Month of Photography. This stellar lineup of photographic artists will be in the gallery on the scheduled dates listed below to talk about their work and answer your questions. 

Month of Photography at R Gallery is March 3 - April 11, 2021. 


Photo Walk: Sunday, March 7, 10:15 am departure. Details and RSVP: Facebook R Gallery page and MeetUp Boulder Art Lovers

Meet the Artists! Weekends, March 6 - April 4.  


Photographers of R Gallery

Steve O’Bryan: Natural beauty, landscape, photo realism, inviting viewers to their own re-wilding of the landscape. March 19, 4-6 PM and March 21, 1-3 PM

Wendy Constantine: Masterful paper printing with a nod to historic techniques, including Salted Paper, vellum, and gold leaf. 

Lars Gesing: Nature photography, exploring the rugged beauty of the American West. March 7, 1-3 PM and March 27, 4-6 PM

Rob Lantz: Bringing evocative color and details of the world around us from astro photography to underwater images in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and down-to-earth mountains of Colorado. March 12, 4-6 PM and March 20, 1-3 PM

Paul Malinowski: Chicago native who captures the energy of urban architecture, wildlife, and serene landscapes. 

Eric Michalski: Captures the beauty of nature at night like it is rarely seen and blends images for stunning panoramic displays. March 7, 4-6 PM and March 21, 4-6 PM

Anthony Segarra: Subjects that, to most, typically wouldn't be anything more than an afterthought, he revels in discovering the hidden allure in the ordinary. March 21, 2-4 PM and April 3, 1-3 PM

T.M. Spring: Images created to illustrate love -- love of nature, connecting with spirituality, and revealing the whimsical and playful aspects of our human experience. March 20, 4-6 PM and March 28, 1-3 PM

Carol Walker: Wild horses, as colorful and unbridled power as you can imagine, captured on film and written about in her books. March 6, 4-6 PM 


Full Schedule for Meet the Artists at 2027 Broadway:

Saturday 3/6

4-6 PM Carol Walker

Sunday 3/7

1-3 PM Lars Gesing

4-6 PM Eric Michalski

Friday 3/12

4-6 PM Rob Lantz

Sunday, 3/14

1-3 PM Anthony Segarra

Friday 3/19

4-6 PM Steve O’Bryan

Saturday 3/20

1-3 PM  Rob Lantz

4-6 PM  T.M. Spring 

Sunday 3/21

1-3 PM Steve O’Bryan

4-6 PM Eric Michalski

Saturday 3/27

4-6 PM Lars Gesing

Sunday 3/28

1-3 PM T.M. Spring

Saturday, 4/3

1 - 3 PM  Anthony Segarra


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Month of Photography is a biennial event that celebrates the art of photography through exhibitions and events across the region. 

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