Featured Artists Portal

This page will have info and quick links for R Gallery's Featured Artists.

Featured Artists Wall & Small Works

The Featured Artists Wall will be a display of all the Featured Artists. This will be an impressive display of different styles, types, sizes, and prices of works. It should really captivate our customers to explore all the different pieces. For this display, we want to show 1 or maybe 2 pieces (depending on size and available space) of the main type of work from each artist. Our vision is to switch pieces out and around now and then, so everyone will sometimes show larger pieces and sometimes smaller pieces. I think this will give the customers choices and show that we have different offerings in size and price.

Please use the Featured Artist Record of Consignment Form to submit info about the pieces you would like to be considered for the Featured Artist Wall.

The Small Works Retail area is primarily for works under $200 and smaller than 20" on the longest dimension. If you would like to display works in this area, please submit a Record of Consignment form for each piece. We can accommodate up to 3 small works pieces at a time. They may not all be shown all the time.

BIN Work & Cards

As a featured artist, we encourage you provide BIN work. These can be prints that are matted or unmatted, or unframed originals. All BIN work must be in cellophane sleeves and have a hard backing or insert to prevent damage. Please reach out to me if you need help sourcing the cellophane sleeves or need help with reproductions and printing.

BIN work should be between 5 x 7" up to 16 x 24".

Art cards are a nice option for customers that want to support local artists but do not have the budget for a larger piece or for a customer to buy in order to remember an artists they like. If you would like to provide cards, they should be in cellophane sleeves and be between 3 x 4" up to 5 x 7".

Digital Display


Digital Display refers to our website and the interactive kiosk in the gallery. We want to show your works that are available. Even the ones not currently in the gallery. If a customer is interested or decides to purchase one of these works, you will be instructed to bring it to the gallery at that time.

Please fill out a Record of Consignment Form for each work you would like to display online and on the kiosk.

Uploaded images should be sized for the web. Between 300KB and 1500KB work well.

Photographers: No need to fill in sizes unless the piece is a one of a kind. In that case, select Other as the Category.


Featured Artist Record of Consignment Form



Featured Artists Info and Agreement

Please fill in the Artist Consignment Agreement. This only needs to be filled in once.

Featured Artist Consignment Agreement