Events & Exhibits

Night Skies

July 14th - August 16th

R Gallery’s Spring National Exhibit

During the daytime, our skies are filled with light, clouds, and the vast blue atmosphere. However, when the sun goes down, everything changes. We get a glimpse of the universe beyond and see our world transform under the blanket of darkness.

Artists are invited to submit their original artwork for the Night Skies exhibit. We are looking for works that show the night sky in all it’s glory and mystery. 

R Gallery is a fine art gallery in downtown Boulder, Colorado. We normally focus exclusively on Colorado artists. For this exhibit we are opening up for a special nation-wide exhibit. We invite all artists across the country working in all styles in all mediums to join us for this exhibition.

The Night Skies show will run from July 14th through August 16th.

 View the exhibit online now 


Meaning in Abstraction

August 4th - September 13th

Artists are invited to submit original artwork for the Meaning in Abstraction exhibit to be held at the R Gallery. In this exhibit, we are seeking artwork that is not only abstract in form, but that is imbued with and conveys meaning -- work that moves, inspires and activates the heart, mind, and soul

The Meaning in Abstraction show will run from August 4th through September 13th.

 View the exhibit online now 


Mountains, Peaks, & Waterfalls

August 18th - September 13th

For most Coloradans, nature is an essential part of life. Colorado is full of inspiring scenery of all kinds. The mountains, peaks, and waterfalls make for some of the most dramatic and yet peaceful subjects. R Gallery would like to see interpretations, being literal, figurative, or abstract, of these features.

The Mountains, Peaks, & Waterfalls show will run from August 18th through September 13th.


Animalia: The Creatures in our World

September 22nd - October 25th

Cute, Funny, Creepy, Terrifying, Loving. We all have different reactions and feeling about this world's animals and creatures.

The Animalia show will run from September 22nd through October 25th.