Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park

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Biscuits in the Aqua Pool

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Rock formations in the hot springs pool appear to be biscuits baking along the encrusted edge of the clear aqua water. These pools are apart of the West Thumb area of Lake Yellowstone, and the heat...

Upper Terrace Pools Ov...

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Along the Upper Terraces is a encompassing view, of the Mammoth Hot Springs Pools with the Gallatin Mountains in the distance.

Cascading Mystic Falls...

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From hundreds of feet above the Little Fire Hole River cascades down on its way to meet the larger Fire Hole River. Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone.

The Grand Prismatic Sp...

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At Midway Geyser Basin is Yellowstone National Parks largest hot spring Pool, the Grand Prismatic. The inner circle is the most beautiful blue while the outer crust rings are orange and yellow. A h...

The Grand Staircase at...

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The Grand Staircase at Mammoth is a Travertine formation, where steam from the pools above provide just enough water to produce a cascading waterfall. Due to the hot temperature of the water that c...

Solitary Geyser Pool

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Solitary Geyser is near the popular Upper Geyser Basin. Since it is an uphill hike, not as many people visit it.

Shattered Bubble

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Although this image may look computer generated, it is not! This was a bubble captured in the act of popping at the Artists Paint Pots on a cold fall day.

Yellowstone Sunrise

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Sunrise in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic

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Colorful edge of the Grand Prismatic hot spring

Stained Glass Window t...

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The inimitable Grand Prismatic Spring at sunset in Yellowstone National Park. With it's mirror-like quality and the vibrant colors of the microbial mat, I could not help but envision this as...

Sunset, Mist and Snow,...

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Under a blanket of snow, the Firehole River winds its way through geyser fields that send up steam into the frosty Winter air. The stillness of the scene is bright.

Great Fountain Geyser ...

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Great Fountain Geyser at night in Yellowstone National Park.