Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the world’s first national park, designated in 1872. It protects 2.2 million acres of wildlife, geothermal wonders, and half the world’s active geysers in this intact ecosystem. The park is famous for Old Faithful geyser, dramatic canyon-scapes, hot springs, and alpine rivers among lush forests. Hundreds of animal species call Yellowstone home, including grizzly and black bear, endangered wolves, Bison, elk, and antelope. 

Yellowstone photographers have captured a rainbow-hued, magical place with geysers, hot Sulphur springs, waterfalls, and gorgeous sunsets. See the American Bison in all seasons, close up and powerful.

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Doublet Pool

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This is a hot spring in the Upper Basin of Yellowstone National Park. The strikingly clear blue water of the hot spring spills over the edges allowing the bright orange thermophiles to grow.

Lone Tree Beauty

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This infrared image from Yellowstone National Park in winter captures a very unique view of this iconic American landscape.

Prismatic Pool- Yellow...

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View looking west from the boardwalk overlooking the Prismatic Pool. A medium format analog capture exposed on Rollei RPX25 film, taken with a Linhof Technorama 6x17 camera, 72mm lens with a R25 fi...

Upper Falls- Yellowsto...

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View from the observation deck of the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River; looking directly over the actual fall. A medium format capture exposed on Efke 820 Infrared film, taken with a Linhof Tec...

White Dome Geyser

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Orange Sunrise

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Sunrise over Lewis Lake near the south entrance of Yellowstone Park.

Mammonth Hot Springs

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A tree caught in the ever moving Mammoth Hot Springs terraces.

Grand Prismatic Spring

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The largest hot spring in Yellowstone, the Grand Prismatic features bands of vibrant colors formed by the different species of bacteria living around the spring.

Biscuits in the Aqua Pool

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Rock formations in the hot springs pool appear to be biscuits baking along the encrusted edge of the clear aqua water. These pools are apart of the West Thumb area of Lake Yellowstone, and the heat...

Upper Terrace Pools Ov...

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Along the Upper Terraces is a encompassing view, of the Mammoth Hot Springs Pools with the Gallatin Mountains in the distance.

Cascading Mystic Falls...

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From hundreds of feet above the Little Fire Hole River cascades down on its way to meet the larger Fire Hole River. Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone.

The Grand Prismatic Sp...

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At Midway Geyser Basin is Yellowstone National Parks largest hot spring Pool, the Grand Prismatic. The inner circle is the most beautiful blue while the outer crust rings are orange and yellow. A h...