Washington: Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is on Washington's Olympic Peninsula and expands for nearly one million acres across several ecosystems. The rainforest area gets about 150-inches of rainfall a year and is considered the wettest area in the U.S. Trees are dripping in moss and moisture. Mount Olympus, with the quintessential glacier capped peaks, is a draw for climbers. There are hiking trails throughout the area and along the wild spaces of the Pacific Ocean coastline.  

It is easy being green, especially in Olympic National Park, where the artwork highlights the verdant, mossy hues of the old-growth rainforests. You’ll also find stunning sunsets and moody seascapes along the coastline.
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hoh brook

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Ruby Ribbon

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Sunset along the Olympic beaches are just stunning. Seeing that last glimmer of light across the rocky shore.

Mossy Cascade

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Waterfalls are one of my most favorite subjects to photograph. I love capturing long exposures of the waters motion around and over the rocks. The moss-covered rocks are an added bonus in this part...

Sunset on Ruby Beach

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Digital Photography

Tree in the Hoh Rainfo...

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Verdant green of the Hoh rainforest

Going Home

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Strolling through the Rainforest instills a quiet calm. A sense of being in a place of Origin. A Going Home.

Tide Line

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The dance between land and sea at the Tide Line is revealed, then concealed, as the mist floats in the breeze.

Olympic National Park,...

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Olympic National Park, WA (fog)