Washington: Olympic National Park

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hoh brook

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Ruby Ribbon

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Sunset along the Olympic beaches are just stunning. Seeing that last glimmer of light across the rocky shore.

Mossy Cascade

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Waterfalls are one of my most favorite subjects to photograph. I love capturing long exposures of the waters motion around and over the rocks. The moss-covered rocks are an added bonus in this part...

Sunset on Ruby Beach

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Digital Photography

Tree in the Hoh Rainfo...

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Verdant green of the Hoh rainforest

Going Home

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Strolling through the Rainforest instills a quiet calm. A sense of being in a place of Origin. A Going Home.

Tide Line

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The dance between land and sea at the Tide Line is revealed, then concealed, as the mist floats in the breeze.

Olympic National Park,...

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Olympic National Park, WA (fog)