Vivian McAleavey

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Adversity Overcome

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Giant conifer roots seek out sustenance between the boulders along the Kings River.


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As the winter storm passes, the rising mist gradually reveals these dramatic red-rock canyon walls.

Avalanche Lake

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This glacier carved valley is a perfect picnic spot after a delightful alpine hike.

Behemoth's Toes

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Centuries of living etch character into the foot of this giant. What stories he could tell!

Bumpass Hell

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Steam rises from the hydrothermal springs in this other-worldly valley.


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A range of generations of sequoias can be observed while hiking through the meadows.

Going Home

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Strolling through the Rainforest instills a quiet calm. A sense of being in a place of Origin. A Going Home.

Heat Rising

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To see, and smell, the effects of the earth’s inner core where it rises close to the surface, gives a sense of the powerful forces deep beneath our feet.

Kings RIver

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The tranquility of a clear snow-fed river on a summer afternoon, belies it’s ability, under other conditions, to carve canyon walls.

Night Descending


20 x 16" / Enhanced Photograph


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Still standing tall after the contortions needed to survive this harsh desert.


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Fire damage is overcome by this giant sequoia's will to live.