Tom Daniel

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Blue River Gold

$95 $2,000

Water reflects the sky with golden grasses of Autumn in Acadia.

Charcoal Kilns Front

$95 $2,000

Kilns made charcoal for smelting mining ore in the valley below.

Double Arch and Juniper

$95 $2,000

Double Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

Drag Race

$95 $2,000

Tracks of moving rocks on Racetrack Playa. It is easy to see why this area is referred to as the Racetrack.

Fall Blueberries & Pine

$95 $2,000

Blueberry bushes and pine bough in fall color, Acadia National Park

First Cut Agate - Petr...

$95 $2,000

A rain forest burried in volcanic ash and mud where tree cells were replaced with mineralized water which turned to agate. Petrified Forest, AZ.

Joshua Candlesticks

$95 $2,000

Joshua Tree in full bloom, Joshua Tree National Park.

Last Chance-Ubehebe Po...

$95 $2,200

Last Chance Range behind an evaporation pool near Ubehebe Crater. Not what most people think of as Death Valley, but very much in keeping with the incredible colors, textures, and shapes.

Lilly Pad Reflection

$95 $2,000

Fall colors reflect in pond wilth lilypads. Acadia National Park.

Mesquite Dunes #1

$95 $2,000

Mesquite Dunes, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley National Park, CA

Navajo Arch Reflection...

$95 $2,000

Navajo Arch Reflection after rain in Arches National Park, Utah.

Stone Crocodile

$95 $2,000

Gray and white sedementary layers eroded in Ice Cream Rocks area of Petrified Forest National Park.