Sam Hauser

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Fire on the Mountain


8 x 8" / Spirited depiction of Aspens in autumn as seen from a distance. Blues, oranges, and yellows dance together in this oil painting.

Fire State


32 x 26" / Oil on CanvasI created my latest painting, Fire State, in reaction to the midwinter fires that raged through Colorado last year; the wrath of nature. The thistle is a symbol for our envi...

Lemon Emperor


8 x 8" / oil on clay boardVibrant oil paint depicts a confident yellow warbler atop the branch of a lilac tree against a swirling red and purple background.

Prague Bather 1


34 x 20.5" / Fiber reactive dye on silk, batik processIn the first installment in Hauser’s Prague Bathers series, the ephemerality of fleeting private moments in captured in the figure’s stylized p...

Prague Bather 3


33.5 x 22.75" / Fiber reactive dyed silk, batik process In her third installment f this series, Hauser captures masculine form and movement. The influence of classical sculpture is evident in the s...

Prague Bather 5


25 x 30" / Fiber reactive dyed silk, batik process Certainly the most detailed in the series so far, Prague Bather 5 evokes solitary introspection. The figure takes an emotion-filled moment to refl...

Prague Bather 6


30.5 x 22" / Fiber reactive dye on silk, batik processIn all of her work, Hauser seeks to distill life into an image. Prague Bather 6 is a beautifully rendered snapshot into a private moment of the...

Self-Portrait 26


14 x 11" / Oil on CanvasArtist’s portrait combining figuration with abstract color field in a celebration of the oil paint medium.

Spring Dandies


8 x 8" / Oil on clayboardA celebration of early spring flowers and Colorado mud season. Dandelions and grape hyacinths remind me of playing on fields as a kid.

Take Flight


21 x 34" / Silk painting, batik processThree lazuli bunting birds take energetic flight. The motion of their takeoff is expressively depicted in blue and orange tones. Will be exhibited framed betw...

The Trail


8 x 8" / silk painting, wrapped canvas boardWhimsical silk painting of the light that filters through the trees on a spring trail hike. A combination of blue, brown, and pink dyes create the scene ...