Melissa Ruzzi

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Denver in Colors


8 x 8" / Watercolor and Pen / Denver's architecture is as astonishing and marvelous as the mountains in its skyline. Rediscover all its charm in vibrant colors!

Disorder in Shapes


11 x 13" / Watercolor / Slow down, take a deeper look at what may resemble something simple and uninteresting. Let your mind drift away, and you may be surprised by what you will notice.

Dreams Abreast the Fla...


8 x 8" / Watercolor & ink penFlow with the hills, and let the mountain colors take you to explore new adventures.

Dreams in Black


11 x 13" / Watercolor and gel pen / Sometimes we achieve bigger dreams if we can see the chaos in black and delineate our colorful aspirations from it.

Flatirons Reversal Int...


8 x 8" / Watercolor & gel penContemplating nature, and letting it reflect inwards will reveal beauty and balance even in what may seem pure darkness.

happiness is blooming


8 x 8" / WatercolorSpring is time for happiness! Time for new beginnings! Time for color to bloom, changing a chaotic grey background.

Industrializing Space


11 x 14 inches" / WatercolorAs an engineer who is fascinated by aerospace research, I was inspired by our Boulder aerospace industry's ivolvement in so many important discoveries which make it poss...

Inventive Jalopy


12 x 26" / Watercolor / Assemble neglected pieces, and re-invent something wonderful out of them!

Looking beyond the stars


9 x 12" / WatercolorNew technology is allowing us to explore things never seen before in space, but we can't forget to mirror this idea and to look inside ourselves with the same exploration excite...

Mechanical Bird


8 x 8" / The inspiration for this piece comes from the idea of computers and robots being human friends, and even pets.

Metallic Chaos


11 x 13" / Watercolor and gel pen / In the midst of new beginnings, things may look chaotic and maybe even dark, yet the shiny new path will always stand out.