Mark Friedman

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Aspen Hills


22 x 18" / Digital Painting on Watercolor PaperImpressionistic digital painting of an aspen tree in the mountains of Colorado.

Hat of Desire


18 x 24" / Digtial PaintingIt the hat hat fits wear it. Put it on if you dare!

In the Path of Totality


24 x 24 / Digital PaintingHealing intent: Gender identity, libido, sexual intimacy, orgasmic and erectile issues. Body connections: Bladder, urethra, prostrate and external genitalia.

Marmalade Moon


24 x 24" / Digital PaintingVISUAL MANTRAS BY M.D. FRIEDMAN They are like meditating with your eyes open. Healing intent: Creativity, artistic expression, innocence, sexuality, and spontaneity. Body...

Sacred Breath


24 x 24" / Digital Painting"Sacred Breath," A visual Mantra by M. D. Friedman Healing intent: Grief, sorrow and loss. Body connections: Lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. Musical pairing: ...



24 x 24" / Digital PaintingThe Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art with specific healing intent. Healing intent: Dealing with change and transitions. Body connections: Thymus and immune ...