Lynn Schwebach

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Divine The Shifting Hills


28 x 22" / InksVibrant alcohol inks on Yupo paper give this landscape its striking depth. Textured in places for added vitality.

Invitation to Voyage


11.5 x 9.5" / Acrylics

My Three Bulbs


8 x 2 / alcohol ink on lightbulbs and found jars"My Three Bulbs" are part of my recycled art collection. Three burned out lightbulbs become a medium for creating alcohol-inked glass, which are then...

Sacred Energy


12 x 15 / Mixed Media

Sea-Mirrored Fire


19 x 17 / Acrylic & Ink

The Question Is


20 x 16" / Mixed MediaThis is an interactive artwork, meaning that viewers are welcome to turn the pages of the attached booklet to read the poem written by the artist.

The Swerve


15 x 6" / Inks & pastels on yupo paper resined to wood

When You Hear Drumming...


14 x 11" / acrylics, alcohol inks, resin on woodThis is artwork on Yupo paper - acrylics and alcohol inks, mounted on wood panel and resined with clear, epoxy resin.